Sunday, October 18, 2009

the oddest places we choose to hang

Out of anywhere, through the summer vines, the tallest buildings and the darkest ally.. tameka and I find the coolest places. Vintage at heart, with creativity on fire, we climbed tall water towers only to be infused with innovation at 1000th of a second.. Me being scared of heights, worried for the young adventurist model, Her brave soul was bigger than my photographic ego.. so i allowed her. High heels in the sky aviator glasses as a guide for her expression, "click, click, click click" was the music that we both were dancing too.. "Oh my Gosh these are good" we both scream.. as a typical statement that we pat our selfs on the back for approval. Model and Photographer relationships. 30 minutes of her baking in the sun in wierd angles and 30 minutes of me playing tug of war with the thorns that were constantly pulling me down on the ground for a fight.. only to realize i came on top cause this fight was worth it..